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5 Ways to Leverage on Online Reviews as a Business Owner

Feedbacks are very helpful to businesses, particularly online businesses. As a business owner, these feedbacks help you to know what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are.

They help you to know how to capitalize on the strengths and improve on the weaknesses, especially when you make use of thebest reviews sites. They also help you to develop ways to serve your customers better, which in turn, helps the business achieve its goals faster.

5 ways you can leverage on online reviews as a business owner include:

1. Be opened to all kind of reviews

As a business owner, you have to know that reviews are not just important, they are always two sided. This means that you will get as many negative reviews as you will have positive reviews. You have to develop a thick skin to the negative reviews and find ways to capitalize on them. Negative reviews should not weigh you or the business down, instead they should spur you to do better.

Don’t always expect good reviews all the time, understand that there are times when the reviews won’t be all good, and that is fine.

2. Filter your reviews to choose which to work with

Having mentioned that the reviews won’t be good all the time, you have to know how tofilter every review you get on a screen and pick only the good that comes through. Yes, you need to read through the negative reviews to know what areas to improve on, but you have to be sure it is coming from a named customer and not one who is trying to attack your business. Filtering online reviews helps you to know which to work, and those that don’t matter.

3. Be honest about your replies to reviews

Many online reviews that your business will get, require some responses. In responding to these reviews, make sure you are as honest about your replies as possible. Start by appreciating these customers for leaving a review, address the problem, and promise them that you will do better. This way, they feel valued knowing that their review was acknowledged, and there is a promise to do better.


Promise customers to serve them better

For every time a customer engages with your online business and leaves a review – good or bad, always promise them that you will serve them better. This gives customers something to expect when next they are engaging with your business. It is also an excellent way to convert your customers into loyal ones.

5. Improve on areas provided for by the reviews

The promise to do better when you get reviews and feedback from customers is not enough, you have to give life to that promise. As a business owner, it is vital that your business creates a system that carefully analyzes every review, filters them, and uses them to improve your business. Customers get frustrated if they have to keep complaining about the same thing over and over again. After every review, there should be a correlating improvement on the business.

Reviews, when properly leveraged, can help a business scale faster. It is a great way to increase user engagement, provide clarity on products and services offered, and to attract new customers to your business.