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 Brainstorming is great for generating ideas, but it can be challenging. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your brainstorming is focused and productive. First, identify someone to lead and promote your brainstorming session. If there is no leader and coordinator to get everyone to complete tasks and enforce any rules agreed by the team, the meeting can become chaotic. In addition, someone should take notes and act as a timekeeper to ensure that the meeting goes according to plan. Depending on the scale of your brainstorming, these may be different roles, or one person may host the entire show. Make sure that everyone knows when to come up with many ideas, big or small (expandable thinking), and when to narrow down (reductive thinking). 



business management

Do you want to sell your car? Selling your vehicle to a private individual can get you a better price. However, selling a vehicle privately is a hassle. For example, you need to make an agreement with a potential buyer and negotiate a price, take a test drive, receive wire transfers or receive cash and all the associated risks, etc. The sales service offers you good and guaranteed prices.

Can financing vehicles also be sold via a sales service?


If the financing party agrees, the financing vehicle can simply be sold through a sales service. In that case, please contact them first. A collaboration can then be established between you, the financing company and BCA Autoveiling. We recommend that you also discuss this with us.


Can I sell any vehicle through the sales service?


This service does not include all types of vehicles, i.e. vehicles that meet the following conditions (if applicable):


registered as company stock;


With registration number, by indicating with specific letters that it concerns a certain type or class of passenger car, for example: AA, AF, KA, KL to KZ, LM, LO, LU CD, CDJ, BN, GN, RC, ZZ, F, Z, HA and FH.


If your vehicle does not meet one of the above requirements, you will always receive a guaranteed price for your vehicle from us


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