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Advanced Clutch car tuning and customization

Tuning a car involves modifying the original setup of the car to improve its performance. It mostly involves modifying your engine and other vehicle software systems to increase the car’s performance and optimize its handling capabilities. This process is usually labour-intensive and requires the expertise of mechanics and dealers such as Advanced Clutch Technology who provide high-performance drivetrain parts and components.

Car customization is almost similar to car tuning but it mostly involves making your car distinctive and unique from others. It may be as simple as tinting your window or as complex as supercharging and turbocharging your car.


Interesting components tuned in a car

  • Clutch Kits – They optimize the car’s performance by improving the throttle response and acceleration. Dealers like Advanced Clutch Technology offer high-quality kits such as pressure plates, street, race and multi-disk clutch kits. These parts have been tried and tested for durability and performance ultimate.

  • Body work – The outer body is the most noticeable feature of a car. You can improve how it looks by adding body kits, a roof scoop, hood scoops or repainting your car. You can also vinyl wrap your car to optimize its appearance and be more appealing to the eye.

  • Wheels and Brakes – Regular wheels that come with the car from the factory are sometimes unpleasant to look at especially if the manufacturer was trying to cut on costs. Modifying your wheels will and fitting other brakes that not only improve your car’s stopping power but also look good will improve your car’s appearance.

  • Sound System and Lights – A good sound system is sought after by many people and they strive to have an exquisite sound setup that will enhance their music or driving experience. Various lighting components may be placed in the interior or exterior of a car for important functionality or to improve the car’s appearance.


Benefits of using Advanced Clutch Technology services

ACT has been in operation for a long time, giving them the experience in aftermarket performance modification. They also use advanced methods to produce and optimize outstanding components that are durable and of high quality. The dealer’s reliability and commitment to customer service have earned them a desirable spot in the automotive components industry.