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Advice on product development

Do you need information in the field of particle and powder technology? Then Solids Solutions would like to help you. We conduct research into the properties of particles, which are often used in the development of industrial products. Nanoparticles improve the performance of specific products, but in order to use them in the right way, information is needed about certain properties, such as the size of the particles. Solids Solutions is located in Delft and has a laboratory with various instruments to do research on particles and powders.

Particle characterisation by laser

The properties of powdered particles can be investigated by scattering them and shining a laser beam on them. This is also called dynamic light scattering nanoparticles. By means of the laser, a certain scattering pattern can be observed. Based on this, information about the particle size and particle size distribution can be obtained. Not only the properties of the particles themselves, such as surface roughness, shape, size and material, are of influence. Also the medium in which the particles are scattered influences the results.

Determining the settling velocity of particles

Another method to measure the size of specific particles is differential centrifugal sedimentation nanoparticles. This involves adding the particles to a liquid and looking at the speed at which the particles sink to the bottom. This depends on the size of the particles, so the exact size of the particles can be calculated from this. As it can take a very long time for the particles to sink, X-rays are currently used. This allows time intervals to be used to look at where the particles are in the liquid. In this way, measurements can be made more efficiently. Would you like to know more about the tests performed by Solids Solutions, or do you need advice? Please do not hesitate to contact us.