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Event on a different date due to corona, what are your rights

If an event is canceled due to the coronavirus, it can sometimes be moved to another date. The organization of a festival can then offer, for example, that the visitor can enter with the previously purchased ticket. If you can and want to go on the new date, you can accept that. You will then still receive the concert you paid for. For many organizations, their financial loss can be limited in this way. After all, if a lot of people ask for their money back, this can even mean that an organization goes bankrupt. However, you really don’t want to go to the festival at another time? Then you are entitled to get your money back.


Money back after cancellation due to corona

You have the right to get your money back if a concert, festival or other event is canceled due to the corona virus. Reimbursement of the money for your ticket must be made within a reasonable time from the moment it is clear that the event will not take place. That is, for example, 14 days. In the event of cancellation due to the corona virus, the organization may invoke force majeure. You still have the right to get your money back. You cannot then claim compensation for other costs, such as a hotel stay that you had already booked.

Also service costs back after cancellation due to corona?

If a concert, festival or other event is canceled due to the coronavirus, you must also receive a refund of the service costs paid. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has confirmed this. The organizer has no legal ground for not refunding the service fee if the event is cancelled. Even if this is stated in the general terms and conditions of the organizer, he must still refund the service costs.

What if the organization does not want to return money?

Then you can send a letter to the organization with an urgent request to do so. Does this have any effect? Then you can submit the case to the court if necessary. Or you can resell your tickets on the website of Ticketswap, they also have a Spanish and French website

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