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HollandZorg for employees and employers

Working in the Netherlands as a foreign national: it is increasingly common and pervasive across various sectors. Are you a flex worker or is your firm planning on employing people from abroad soon? HollandZorg offers excellent Dutch health insurance.

For employers

HollandZorg is an independent health insurance company specialising in healthcare for foreign migrant workers. The processing of registration and deregistration of these so-called flex migrant workers is quite complicated. HollandZorg can help you with this.

HollandZorg serves both large and small businesses. We offer you a unique employer’s portal, giving you insight into the insurance plan administration of your employees. All employees, whether they already have a health insurance in their home country or not, are legally obliged to get a Dutch health insurance. They can choose any health insurance company for this. The benefit of choosing HollandZorg is that our experienced and expert team knows exactly what needs to be done. Applying for healthcare allowance is easy and HollandZorg offers both the basic insurance plan as well as supplementary insurance packages that suit any needs your employees may have.

For employees

In most cases, taking out a Dutch health insurance is a legal requirement when you start working as a foreign national in the Netherlands. Making arrangements for this is your sole responsibility, yet in some cases your employer may take care of it.

EHIC insurance card

You need an EHIC card to be eligible for compensation for any healthcare costs you incur abroad. ‘EHIC’ stands for European Healthcare Insurance Card. If you take out a health insurance with HollandZorg, you will receive an insurance card detailing the most important insurance information. This card is an official EHIC card and is valid for costs incurred in any EU/EEA country or Switzerland. However, the compensation amounts differ per country. In some cases, you may be compensated in full while in other cases you will receive a fixed percentage. You can read which rules apply in each country on the website of the European Commission. Tip: you can also download the EHIC app via this same website, giving 24/7 online access to your insurance details and insurance costs. Any family members that are included in your insurance plan can apply to receive an EHIC card at the CAK (Centraal Administratie Kantoor).