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How Odyssey Attribution uses Google Analytics to track its performance

One of the most beneficial things about Odyssey is that it can extract data from Google Analytics. You don’t need to install any additional tracking to your website; Odyssey will collect the data you need and make it available in as little as 24 hours. Google Analytics provides a treasure trove of information for businesses. But this data is sometimes hard to access and can be a pain to enter manually. That’s where Odyssey Attribution comes in. The solution extracts the Google Analytics data from your account and presents it in an easy-to-read interface, meaning you don’t need to install any additional tracking or wait days for your account to be ready. If you want to rely on other visualization tools to visualize your data from multi touch attribution, Salesforce Datorama is the go-to as there is a integration available.


Odyssey is a multi-touch attribution tool that analyses customer journeys. The first step in this process is to collect data on those customer journeys. For starters, we need to understand what customer journeys are. A customer journey is a series of events that happen between the customer and the company. To start, we look at every transaction ID. A transaction ID can be seen as the end of the customer journey and its unique per customer journey. We know every session before the given transaction ID. The source of these sessions tells us what touchpoint is responsible for that session (i.e. Google Paid Search, Facebook, or an affiliate). We use visitor ID to connect this data point.


Odyssey will use your current BigQuery dataset. No data or settings in your current Google Analytics or BigQuery setup will be changed, all we need is access. Google Analytics can be difficult to understand for those without a technical background, but don’t worry! We can access your Google Analytics account with a simple set of instructions that will allow us to collect the required data without any hassle. Odyssey collects your customer data and analyzes it daily. But we do not store the raw data. We only store the average data after it is analyzed. If you are using Google Analytics, then you can use BigQuery to store your raw data for as long as you like. Concluding, Odyssey tracks your Google Analytics data only.