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Problem solving techniques

Talk to someone who knows how to solve the problem. Interviews with different groups of people (such as team members, managers, and customers) (informal interviews are completely okay) to obtain different perspectives. Finally, look at the “parallel world” that has solved this problem before. Beyond your industry-when people want to make swimsuits that can swim faster, their eyes go beyond swimwear, but marine animals. Once you have gathered information about your problem, hold a brainstorming meeting to come up with potential solutions. Different groups from different backgrounds are invited to express different views, ideas and opinions. Make sure to also invite people who are responsible for creating the solution or who must bear its consequences.



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Selling cars to foreigners – outside Europe

Are you selling your car to someone abroad who does not live in the EU? Additional measures must be taken when exporting a car to countries outside the EU. You must go to customs for an export declaration. Based on your declaration, Customs determines whether and how much export tax you must pay.

You can digitally declare your car for export. This requires you to have a licensed and approved package. Visit the IRS website to submit an application.

Your car export partner

Selling a car to a foreigner takes time and effort. There are also costs involved. It is therefore very important to calculate in advance whether people who sell their car abroad will be rewarded.

Perhaps you already know buyers from abroad, or you still have to deal with advertising your vehicle on foreign websites. Maybe after all the effort you find out that exports no longer make money, or you look up to all the effort.

You can also sell your car through us. Because we work closely with an extensive network of international car dealers, we can offer you the best deals based on international prices.

Book an appointment with our license plate check within 24 hours

Our estimate takes only half an hour

Sell the best offer

We take over cancellations and refunds and transfer the money to your bank account the same day

Selling with us is easy. You can have your vehicle appraised at our location free of charge and without obligation. We provide quotes based on domestic and international prices. For this amount we can take over your car and we also take over all the paperwork from you.

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