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Ronaldo fitness coach – Sergej Dergatsjev


CR7’s former fitness coach believes he has four more years to play before turning 40.


Ronaldo turns 36 on February 5, and the way he plays has changed significantly.


Although he is a ruthless winger who was sure to succeed at a young age, he has adjusted his game to suit his body and age.


Now, the Juventus ace plays the role of a centre-forward who can score goals in and around the box for fun.

Ronaldo is under contract with Juve until 2022, when he will be 37, but he does not appear to have any intention of retiring anytime soon.


His fitness coach at RM, Giovanni Mauri, believes the Portuguese icon can hold on for another four years.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest soccers of all times, Ronaldo is known for his incredible physicality and best attitude to the game.


He has reportedly spent £60,000 on a freezer at home to help restore muscle and eliminate the risk of injury, while also refraining from drinking and eating a strict diet to stay in shape.

“When he arrived in Italy, I said he was an unconventional player,” he said. “He has settled in and continues to score. He follows the approach we advised him in Madrid, where recovery is an important part of training.


“Rest is more than sleep. It’s not passive, but includes specific exercises designed to achieve muscle, mental and joint health.”


“I work with a lot of football players in their 40s, from  Maldini to  Costacurta.


“When I was at Paris Saint-Germain, I was sure Ibrahimovic would play until he was 40.


“Although they are strong, they are athletes with great flexibility. Despite weighing close to 100kg, Ibra has the agility of a dancer.


Ronaldo fitness coach

Ronaldo fitness coach