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The truth about astrological compatibility

One of the first things people love to discover when it comes to astrology is compatibility between signs. Astrology can be a fun, unique way to try to determine if you and your match are suitable for each other. But astrological compatibility can be more complex than you originally thought.

The easiest and most popular way to check your compatibility with another person using the map of stars is to view and compare your sun signs. (Your sun sign refers to the location of the sun when you were born and is the sign that you are likely to identify or check when you look at horoscopes.) While there is some clear truth about sun sign compatibility, there are many more important factors to consider.

Your birth chart consists of your unique astrological chart, detailing the position and relationships of the planets at the time of your birth. The sun sign is one of the most important signs to explore, but there are many other aspects in your chart that contribute to your unique personality. Other important details to look at when it comes to love include your moon sign, your rising sign and your Venus placement – and the houses they fall under.

For a really comprehensive dive into the positive and negative aspects of a given relationship, you may want to consult an astrologer and ask them to get your birth announcements working together, a process that results in a synastry report. The synastry report will look at how your charts work together and give you a detailed view of the strengths and weaknesses this partnership may have. This is the best approach for a astrology compatibility report that really takes into account all elements of your personality; but researching sun sign compatibility can still be a fun and easy way to take a light-hearted look at your association.