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What is TV as a Service? And Why Should You Care?

Television as a service (TVaaS) is an emerging trend in the video market that provides businesses or individuals access to multiple live and on-demand TV channels streamed over the internet as a subscription-based service. You can think of it like Netflix for businesses – except instead of streaming movies and shows, businesses have simplified access to premium broadcast television content tailored to their specific needs. Not to be confused with virtualization or cloud computing, virtual video solutions are essentially software packages that manage the streaming, storage, and delivery of video content from remote cloud data centers as a managed service. Virtual video solutions also streamline processes like user authentication and verification so subscribers can quickly log in with just their username and password rather than having to provide different forms of identification each time they want to access new content. Read more about TV as a Service in this article. 

What is TV as a Service?

TV as a service is a subscription-based model that provides businesses and individuals with easy, on-demand access to premium broadcast television content. While similar to a traditional cable or satellite TV subscription – except without the need for a cable box or dedicated satellite dish – TV as a service is streamed over the internet and delivered via a virtual video platform. TV as a service is sometimes also referred to as cloud-based TV, virtualized TV, cloud TV, or managed TV. TV as a service differs from traditional broadcast TV in a few key ways. While TV as a service does offer subscribers access to live television programming, it also delivers on-demand libraries of past episodes, seasons, and even entire series that can be watched whenever and however you want.

Why is TV as a Service Important?

TV as a service makes it easier for businesses to reach their target audiences with high-quality content. With TV as a service, you can stream premium broadcast TV content from the world’s leading broadcasters, including major networks like NBC, FOX, and CBS. This gives businesses immediate access to top-quality programming that’s hosted and produced by experts, saving them both time and money while ensuring they’re offering their audience the best possible experience. Additionally, TV as a service allows you to customize your viewing experience. Whether you want access to sports, news, entertainment, or even educational programming, TV as a service lets you stream content tailored to your specific needs. To learn more about TV as a Service, visit MwareTV.